Self-managed by North Road Plotholders Group on Behalf of Hertford Town Council
We have a new Mantis Tiller! Many thanks to County Councillor Bob Deering from his localities budget
The shop is now open again! See here for list of shopkeepers. 11-12 noon on Sundays
Work morning this Sunday 11th February at 10 am. All welcome!

Trench Work Completed for New Water Butt

Last year we put a new mains water trough close to plot 64B. This year we have put one close to plot 11.

The work involved digging a 100 m long trench to connect the new water trough to the existing one next to plot 5. The digging was done by a small digger, the pipe was laid on a bed of sand and the trench backfilled and levelled. Liam (a professional plumber) connected all the pipes.

Many thanks to all those who helped. Those pictured (L to R): Peter, Mike, Christopher, John, Jeff, Jim, Brenda.

See here for another picture of the trench.


Allotment gardening is a great way to relax, meet like-minded people, enjoy the fresh air, have some physical exercise and grow some fresh fruit, veg and flowers for yourself and your friends and family.

Bounded by the Stevenage-Hertford North railway line to the east and North Road to the west, the allotments at North Road are a four-acre triangular shaped oasis of peace and quiet only five minutes walk from Hertford North railway station. Some people come here to relax and do physical activity after a rough day commuting to a London office; some for companionship and an old-fashioned chat; some to grow prize-winning flowers and vegetables; and some for 'me-time' getting back to nature in a shed.

Interested in a plot? Click here. Follow us on Twitter (@NRPGHertford)

Space and Sunshine

Many house gardens in towns are small and shaded by hedges, walls, trees and neighbouring properties. Unfortunately, fruit and vegetables really like full sunshine all day long. And despite what the pundits tell you, it isn't really possible to grow that much on a balcony or windowsill of a flat. In contrast, an allotment gives you enough space and sunlight to grow an abundance of things – from unusual varieties of potatoes that really do taste better than those in shops; enough soft fruit for breakfast and to make jams and jellies all summer-long; and flowers to fill every vase in your house. You can grow your own saffron; tomatoes that taste like those in Italian market stalls; so much asparagus that you'll be giving it away to your friends and neighbours; blueberries blushed by the mid-summer sun; and squash, onions and garlic to store and feed you through the winter.

And all of this can be done organically, and with almost no food miles. The soil at North Road is pretty good – a bit stony (like much of Hertfordshire) but fertile, quite well-drained, easier to dig than heavy clay, and very responsive to improvement with organic matter and cultivation. Grow, eat and cook locally and healthily – your mind and body will thank you for it. Interested? Contact us, or browse our FAQs. Plots can be less than £10 per year (with a concession for pensioners or benefit recipients) – a fraction of the cost of a gym membership or a psychotherapist!

First Aid Help at North Road Allotments

The Committee have long thought that it would be a good idea if some of our members were trained in first aid in case there is an accident or other incident on the allotments.  We were lucky enough to obtain a grant from East Herts District Council to pay for some course and five members have attended a St. John's Ambulance "Basic First Aid" course in Hertford.  We were taught how to prioritise help in an emergency and such basic skills as how to assess a casualty, CPR and how to stem serious bleeding.  We still have funds available if any member would like to attend a course and we would, over time, like to get as many of our members trained as possible.  If you would like to attend a training course, please contact Mike.

Linda showing how to put Erle in the recovery position


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